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An Authentic Celebration

Plaza Frida

In the heart of Southwest Little Rock, you will find a beautiful space and haven for the local community, Plaza Frida.

  • 🖼️ A Gathering Place: When you arrive at Plaza Frida you see colorful structures and art. The beautiful and well-crafted atmosphere is home to small shops, soccer fields, and an event center. To many, it is a second home.

  • 🪅 Celebrate NOT Cinco de Mayo: Plaza Frida’s “Not” Cinco de Mayo, offers a cultural educational experience to dispel misconceptions about Cinco de Mayo, emphasizing its significance beyond Mexico's Independence Day, with festivities featuring food, performances, and shopping. 

You can find out about all of their events here.

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Person of the week

Driving Change with Our Little Rock

Little Rock Daily

Meet Chloe Chapman, Executive Director of Our Little Rock. After moving here two years ago, Chloe fell in love with the city and is helping to make change happen. 

  • 🌱 A woman with a vision: It wasn’t long after living here that Chloe got invested in the community and began to see how Little Rock could become a more livable city - and with that, the nonprofit, Our Little Rock, was born.

  • 🤍 In her words:Little Rock is rich with history, nature, and kind, good-natured people. I continue to find more things to love about it and meet people who also want to see this city thrive.”

  • 🤝 Get involved: Our Little Rock is for anyone who wants to help shape the city to be a more walkable place with public spaces for recreation, local business, and community connections.

Want to learn more? You can sign up for Our Little Rock’s weekly newsletter, attend an event, or become a member here.


Must Love Dogs

Ol’ Bart

We love dogs at the Little Rock Daily & excited to share restaurants & bars that do as well.

  • 🐶 Pawsitively Pet-Friendly: Explore our curated list of restaurants and bars in Little Rock where you and your four-legged companion are welcomed with open arms.

  • 🍻 Unleash the fun: Check out our guide to Little Rock's pet-friendly destinations across the Little Rock metro area.

Grab the leash and start exploring today. Wait, you’ll need this first! ➡️ Little Rock Daily’s Guide to Pup-Friendly Patios. ⬅️ 

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