Let the sun shine

Lanterns, a sunshine market, pedal parties, & a rage room.

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A Celebration of Culture and Light

Wildwood Park for the Arts

Wildwood's highly anticipated Lanterns! Festival is taking place this weekend.

  • 🏮 Celebrating Culture: Lanterns is West Little Rock's most popular outdoor festival, showcasing a mix of world cultures, fantasy lands, and one US city each year.

  • 🎭️ Scenic Lights: Enjoy food, music, crafts, and performing arts, and explore beautiful outdoor lights along trails. You can also light your own lantern and float it on the lake for good luck.

  • 🌳 For a Good Cause: Lanterns! is the main fundraiser for Wildwood Park for the Arts. Your support helps preserve the park's beauty, provides education classes, and brings more concerts and festivals while keeping the park free year-round.

Sound fun? Purchase tickets HERE.


Let the Sun Shine…

Dunbar Gardens

The spring edition of the Sunshine Market will take place at the beautiful Dunbar Garden on Saturday, April 20, just before Earth Day.

  • ☀️ Have you heard of the Sunshine Market? It's a biannual event celebrating and supporting local women vendors who are artists, bakers, and makers. Discover unique handmade goodies and show love to our community.

  • 🪴 Buy some plants! Want to add more greenery to your life? The market aligns perfectly with Dunbar Garden's annual plant sale.

Join Paper Hearts Books and many others at Dunbar Garden for the perfect Saturday morning outing. 🌻 

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All the RAGE

Little Rock Daily

Smash Mamas Rage Room is now open! What is a rage room, you might ask?

  • 🔨 SMASH IT! A rage room is a safe space to break glass and old TVs. Smashing with friends is thrilling, creates memories, encourages team building, and provides a workout that boosts happiness.

  • 💪 Let it all out! Going to a rage room can help reduce stress and release built-up emotions. It has therapeutic benefits that help people regain strength and emotional resilience after going through difficult experiences.

For more information, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


Monday Night Rides

Arkansas Outside

Get ready to roll! Every Monday night, cyclists of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to pros, come together for a leisurely evening bike ride known as the Pedal Party.

  • 🚲️ Join the ride: Each Saturday, Pedal Party will post the meeting place and time for Monday's ride, along with whether it will be easy or more advanced.

    🥳 Fun and Friends: Grab your bike and get ready to make new friends as you enjoy a casual bike ride through the city.

Follow Pedal Party on Instagram to find out about weekly rides.

Little Rock Daily Picks

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